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Please feel free to take a deeper look into WANDA by downloading any of our supplemental materials. 

Introduction to WANDA. A basic meet and greet to WANDA.

WANDA Brochure. Take a brief look at WANDA's features.

Study on Public Washroom Cleanliness Perception.  Take a look at the informative study developed by the University of Alberta on how WANDA dramatically enhances a customer's perception of administrative excellence and the facility management's commitment to customer care.

Perception Study Analysis. What we learned about the above Perception Study.

WANDA Implementation Plan.  Take an extensive look at how to assign a WANDA unit into your facility. 

WANDA Software Manual.  Take an in depth look into how WANDA works. 

WANDA Webinar Graphic.  A simple graphic of our slide

WANDA Mounting Manual.  Shown is how to mount a MINI-WANDA, but the same process can be applied to WANDA with the proper adjustments.

WANDA Spec Sheet.  Here you'll find specific measurement and weight details for both WANDA and MINI-WANDA.