7 Tips for Exhibiting at a Convention


A few weeks ago, we attended the IFMA World Workplace Exhibition after Compass/Eurest Services invited us to show off our WANDA technology that we have supplied them with. In light of this, we would like to share some exhibitor knowledge with you.

1.       SWAG, SWAG, SWAG:

Having the right giveaway can draw the attention you deserve to your booth. Just ensure that it is relevant and targeted. Have your swag relate to your product/service and be something that your customer will use frequently. Yes a pen or a stress-ball can be cool, but they do not leave people saying, “Wow, that’s creative.” It needs to be something that is an extension of your brand. For example, a touchscreen company like ourselves like to give out branded touchscreen winter gloves that would encourage people to use our products during the cold months, and still feel warm.

2.       Out-do your competition (have a great booth):

Your booth will be perceived as a direct reflection of how you conduct business. If your competition has a bigger, flashier booth, make sure you out-do them. Now this doesn’t have to be in size but it is amazing what a good experience, fitting design, and appropriate messaging can do to the audience’s reception of your business.

3.       Engage:

Talk to the people that would be interested in your product. Get their attention, and don’t be passive. That isn’t the same thing as being aggressive, but just strike conversations with your target audience and it will usually turn out that they would like to hear more. It can help to do some research and prepare a list of people/companies that you would like to engage with if that is possible (there is usually an attendee list). Don’t forget about engaging in online conversation because your audience is listening (ex. Social media, blog posts, forums, comment posts, etc). Also, you never know who you are going to meet at these events, so keep your mind open and talk to many people.


4.       Listen, take feedback:

Exhibitions are great tools for feedback on your offerings and are a lot less tedious than some market research. Not to say that you should replace market research, however it is a great opportunity to hear potential client’s opinion and improve your offering/sales pitch.


5.       Keep your ear to the ground: Networking opportunities are everywhere

Corporations and organizations tend to host gatherings after the show floor is closed. Find out where and when those are and attend a few of them, don’t just stick to your hotel room.

6.       Don’t forget to smile

There are a lot of bored and depressed faces on the show floor. Be charismatic or bring a charismatic employee. A smile can go a long way in how approachable you seem as a company.

7.       Follow Up!         

Get that list of emails, prioritise them in your sales funnel and send them the appropriate information on your product.

Chris SmithTechnology, WANDA