Visionstate's List of the 8 Coolest Restrooms

Hello everyone! I'm pretty sure that at some point in your life you've stumbled across some pretty nice bathrooms and some not so nice ones. Thanks to the internet, I know that Buzzfeed and some other sites have put together lists of their top picks, and after going through them I figured I would compile my own list to explain why they made the Visionstate cut. Over the next several weeks, I will be documenting what I think are some of the Coolest Bathrooms according to Visionstate, and to make the cut, these washrooms have to be:

1)      Clean 

2)      Valuable to the community or to customer service

3)      Unique

4)     Well designed

To start off, making the list at #8 would have to be Charmin’s “Enjoy the Go” bathrooms during the holidays. Charmin has done an outstanding job of promoting their brand while giving back to the community in the least likely way possible; free public restrooms. During the holiday season, they set up public Charmin branded restrooms at a designated location in Time Squares to provide busy shoppers with clean restrooms. Every year they change up their designs, and every year people line up to use the washroom because of course, nothing is more irritating than finishing off a busy and stressful day of shopping with a disgusting bathroom. Each stall is cleaned immediately after it is used, and staff members are noted to be happy and friendly. Checking off two things on the Visionstate requirements, they are clean and add to the community and customer service. 

Apparently, tons of people line up to use these things and I guess that could be considered a downside, are you willing to sacrifice your time for cleanliness? Then again, maybe the option of two-ply vs. three-ply may be worth the wait.

At one point they even had a dance floor and a D.J. which if you think about it, is a little weird and awkward considering everyone is really just there to go to the bathroom... so although it is a unique idea, for the design aspect I’m not sure it was executed well. 

I also don’t believe Charmin does this anymore as I can see how this would be an expensive experiential marketing, however they definitely improved customer awareness considering this story's internet success. Anyway, it was pretty cool while it lasted and Charmin has now moved onto other marketing tactics which I’ll blog about another time. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and check in this Friday to see who's next up on Visionstate's Coolest Bathrooms List! 

Carolyn Truong