Coolest Bathrooms #2- The Urilift

TGIF Everyone! So it's been a couple weeks now since we first started the Visionstate Coolest Bathroom's list and we're finally at #2! To recap, we consider features such as cleanliness, value added to the community or customers service, uniqueness, and design. Making #2 on the Visionstate Coolest Bathrooms list is the Urilift mainly because of its practicality. I just love practical and functional designs because really, what good is something pretty if it’s not also useful. Discreet by day and practical by night, I’d say the Urilift is a fantastic solution to unsolicited public urination. It has been implemented in the UK, Amsterdam, and Denmark.

How it works is that the units are sunken into the ground during the day and the the top of the units can be tiled or made to look like the surrounding ground so that they can blend right in with the ground. Ideally they are placed in high volume areas with robust areas (bars and clubs) so that when the nightlife awakens, so do the urilifts to provide relief to those seeking relief.

I couldn’t find anything about how these things are cleaned except that they’re made of stainless steel so they are “easy to clean”, but still, I’m not sure how clean they’d be after multiple drunks have used them. The video on the company's website also hilariously says that they are designed for those “uncoordinated” users and so there is a floor drain as well. Seems like if you want to use these it'll be like playing a giant version of the game Operation where you do not want to touch the metal sides! The Urilifts do however, provide value to the community by merely being accessible at optimal times, and saving everyone else from the awful smells on the streets caused by public urination. The Urilifts are definitely unique and design wise I’d have to say it’s pretty amazing. The Urilift triple allows up to three users at a time and the Urilady is designed for those who need to sit pretty (pun fully intended) to do their business. On top of all that, being able to fully retract into the ground? That is a pretty amazing feat of engineering if I do say so myself.

Thanks again for reading and tune in next week for the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Here's the website to the company itself: 

Carolyn Truong