Coolest Bathrooms #3- "Don't Miss a Sec"

Hello there, I hope everyone had a wonderful family day weekend! We’re finally here, the top three! Making our Visionstate list at #3 is the one-way glass public work of art and toilet by Monica Bonvicini, labelled, "Don't Miss a Sec". The concept is quite simple, there’s one-way glass making up the walls of the restroom so that the individual using the restroom can see outside the glass. However, for the outside passerby it just looks like a mirrored cube. I mean if you need to do your business but don’t want to miss what’s going on around you this would be a fantastic solution. However I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be. How reliable is that glass? If the light hits it a certain way would that make the glass translucent? If yes I’m not sure if I could take that risk.

Considering this is a fully functional art exhibit, I’m not sure how much it is used and how often it is cleaned. From the picture below however, I'd say cleaning glass is pretty low maintenance. For customer service, I guess its convenient if you’re there and really have to go, and since it is an exhibit outside of an art gallery, I think it could add value to the community by intriguing tourists. 

The design is very beautiful and unique, but if the light hits it wrong, as I said before I'm not sure if I could risk making my business, everyone else’s business.  

Please note that I got the pictures and information from this website: 

Thank you for reading, only two more to go in the weeks to come! 

Carolyn Truong