Coolest Bathrooms #5- Bottle-Opener Building

Happy Monday Everyone, thank you for visiting the blog today! Coming in at #5 for our Coolest Bathrooms list would have to be the “Bottle-Opener” Financial Center building in Shanghai, China. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Shanghai in 2011, and although the rest of my classmates made their way up one of the world's tallest buildings, I stayed below and took this fabulous picture. 

Next time I make my way to that side of the world I will definitely have to check this building out. Unfortunately after scouring the internet, I could not find any pictures of the inside of the washrooms however according to this website: I read that they did make the world record for the highest altitude restrooms at 1,388 ft with staggering views of the city below. I applaud the designers for having the foresight in having accessible bathrooms to accommodate a bowel-inducing fear of heights; props for customer service! For cleanliness I’m sure these have to be kept clean since the tower is such a tourist spot. Again, since I have no photographic proof I’m not sure how much I can say about the uniqueness or design of the bathroom, however I’d say if you can get a world record for having the highest altitude restroom (in a commercial building, because really you can go at the top of Mt. Everest and that can be the highest altitude restroom) good on ya! The design of the building is pretty neat too if not a bit random. Maybe the architect who won the project could not decide what to build for weeks on end, until after a night of binge beers they triumphantly held up their bottle-opener… regardless, it's a pretty good looking building. 

Anyway, here's another picture of the Financial Center from another extremely tall building in Shanghai, the "Oriental Pearl" tower (which I did go in). My apologies for the smogginess in the photo but as you can see, the Bottle-opener significantly towers over all the other surrounding buildings. 

Anyway, thanks again for reading and tune in on Thursday for #4 on our list. Almost halfway there folks! 

Carolyn Truong