Coolest Bathrooms #6- Hang Fu Gold Technology

Hello there! Thanks for joining us for #6 on our Coolest Bathrooms list, Hang Fu Gold Technology. Again to recap, in order to make our Visionstate Coolest Bathrooms list, a bathroom has to be clean in some way, add to the community or customer service, is unique, and is well designed. 

Now I believe it was Hang Fu's Jewellery division who decided to add a gold bathroom to their showroom of gold products and it definitely paid off. Not only did the toilet bring more customers to the store, but the uniqueness of the idea brought about many tourists into the surrounding area.  Honestly though, the first time I came upon this it immediately made me think of Game of Thrones (although this “Golden Throne” definitely kicks the “Iron Throne’s” behind any day (pun fully intended GoT fans)). The reason for this is it automatically reminded me of Tywin Lannister and for those of you still behind in the HBO series and did not read the books *spoiler alert* that although “Lord Tywin Lannister did not, in the end, [poop] gold”, I felt that his toilet definitely could have been made of gold.

For cleanliness, I will give this bathroom credit mostly because gold is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Plus, the fact that the toilet is for display only definitely helps although I'm curious how many people actually request to use it or sneakily do it anyway. For customer service, I am rating it pretty low because it doesn't really add anything in the way of customer service, although being a pretty big tourist attraction in the area could mean adding value to the community.  

Idea wise, something that may have seemed like "a load of crap" to the directors turned out to be a big load of cash so I'd give the gold toilet props for being pretty darn unique. However, design wise I’d have to say it’s pretty poor because contrary to belief, you can have too much bling and in this case, this much gold looks gratuitously pretentious and simultaneously tacky. 

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you're a newcomer, be sure to check out our other contenders from last week and continue to check in next Monday for #5.


Carolyn Truong