Coolest Bathrooms #7 - SEGA Toylets

Hello folks, Happy Friday and onto #7 of Visionstate's Coolest Bathrooms list. SEGA Toylets. That’s right, SEGA has transitioned its video gaming applications to urinals! Now you can use that powerful stream to play games yourself or compete against your next door (maybe not?) stall neighbour when you need to go to the bathroom.  Now this is a fantastic example of thinking outside the box (into the urinal) in order to save your business through diversification; talk about literally flushing your ideas down a toilet. It’s almost as if somebody’s inside voice thought, “hey, you know what’d be awesome? If we could play that carnival game, with the water gun horse races, while in the washroom!” accidentally said it out loud, and the failing company was like, “Brilliant! Let’s do it!” And they did it, and owned it. 

To recap on our requirements on making the Visionstate list, the bathrooms have to be: 

1)      Clean in some way

2)      Add to customer service

3)      Are unique

4)      Are well designed

For cleanliness, I’m not sure I would rate this idea very well. Considering some people can get pretty competitive when it comes to playing games, I don’t know how often things would literally get messy when one guy turns mid-stream to yell at his opponent. I'm sure though with an attraction like this, the attendants are probably told to keep the place relatively clean. 

For customer service, I’d give them props for catering to a male demographic however am disappointed that there is nothing for females (although I'm not really sure how much I'd like to play games while in the bathroom...). Now of course I know the applications cannot be the same but hey, SEGA, you’ve thought outside the box once before, now think outside the urinal.  

 What a strange game to play against your stall mate; milk out of your nose shooting contest?!

What a strange game to play against your stall mate; milk out of your nose shooting contest?!

Moving on, this idea is incredibly unique which will be its redeeming factor and design-wise, it’s not so bad. Anyway, thank you for reading and check in on Tuesday to see who made #6 on our Coolest Bathrooms list. 

Carolyn Truong