Coolest Bathrooms- Honourable Mention

Happy Friday everyone! As you may know we concluded our list of Coolest Bathrooms this past Wednesday however I wanted to make a shout out to one of my favourites. To recap we added washrooms to the Coolest Bathrooms list when they had the following features: cleanliness, add value to the community/customer service, uniqueness, and good design. 

My personal favourite resides in my home town of Edmonton, AB, so this honourable mention is extremely biased. Isn’t it beautiful though?

 "A Beautiful Public Washroom in an Edmonton Park" by Omar Mouallem

"A Beautiful Public Washroom in an Edmonton Park" by Omar Mouallem

Located in a park area, this public washroom was designed to emulate the carousels of the 1920s since apparently the carnival use to stop in Borden Park. It beautifully incorporates the surrounding nature with the mirrored exterior which almost camouflages it into the gorgeous surrounding park area.

Come on people, it’s a menagerie-less carousel that camouflages in the woods! In terms of cleanliness I'm not sure how often it is cleaned but being so new I would think management would want to keep it that way. It provided accessible washrooms with sufficient lighting to visitors to the park which adds value to the the community. The the design of the restrooms is also very unique and beautiful. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and let me know what your thoughts are. Have a fantastic weekend! 

Carolyn Truong