Edmonton's Sweet Future in Waste Conversion

Being an avid traveller, it has always boggled my mind how many places don't recycle the way we do here in Edmonton. I would see ditches littered with plastic bottles, or even my American cousins throwing their pop cans in the garbage and think "I'd make so much money if I took these all back home!"   For my family and I, recycling has always been a part of our lifestyle. 

I remember learning about the importance of waste management and how to recycle in elementary. My siblings both visited the Waste Management facility on their school field trips, and my parents have always made a conscious effort to make trips to the Eco-Stations to properly dispose of chemical waste, or to the bottling depot to collect our deposits on pop cans. It became a way of life. Even then, I was very surprised to learn that Edmonton has one of the world's best waste management programs because to me, recycling should be normal to everyone. You shouldn't have to think about it, you just do it.  

That's why I was even more excited when I learnt that next year, we're planning to divert even more waste by converting it into biofuels. The video below goes through how this is done: 


Check out the original article from Global News here: http://globalnews.ca/news/1374751/edmonton-first-in-world-to-turn-trash-into-biofuel/

Anway, I can't wait for 2016 and hopefully by then, even more cities will follow suit!  

Carolyn Truong