Happy American Thanksgiving - Safe Travels Everyone!

Happy American Thanksgiving Everyone! For those of you heading home for the holidays, safe travels especially if you’re driving!

Speaking of driving, we thought the following was a pretty cool use of technology and wanted to spread the word. Samsung previously shared this truly remarkable product prototype, the Safety Truck, on their blog.

How it works is the truck has a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck, which is connected to four screens in the back so that drivers behind the truck can see what is going on ahead of the truck. If you do a lot of driving like I do, then you’re probably just as excited as I am about it. Trying to pass a large semi on a two lane highway can be extremely nerve-wracking and dangerous when you’re having a difficult time seeing beyond the truck. With this technology, you can now see what’s happening ahead and judge whether or not it is safe to pass. Although the prototype is no longer operating, the next steps for the company are to work with safe driving NGOs and the government to make sure everything is tested and complies with protocols. I hope they succeed because think of all the lives that can be saved if this was implemented on every single truck!

Seriously, you have to watch this video: 


Anyway, enjoy your turkey and if you’re having any mulled wine with it please remember, don’t drink and drive!  

Carolyn Truong