The 12 days of WANDA! (Part 2/12)

On the second day of Christmas WANDA gave to you... A tip on how to prioritize your ads!

Happy Monday Everyone! We're onto day two of the "12 days of WANDA" and today we will be sharing how to upload ads onto your 15" WANDA units to utilize your messaging space! 


Did you know that you can prioritize the order that your ads appear on the WANDA units?

(Keep in mind that the Ads/messaging space is only available on the 15" units)

Follow the instructions to learn how to upload or edit your ads/messaging:

(Remember to make sure that your ad or message is the right dimension, 360 X 640 pxl. 

Once the ad/message has been uploaded, you can assign a priority to it. For example, if you have 5 ads, but you want a certain ad to come first, type in the number 1 into the 'Priority' section. This is especially helpful in the case that two ads go really well together and you want one to follow the other. An example could include placing a "Flu Season" ad before a "Remember to wash your hands" ad.  

Did you know that you can also load seasonal ads/messaging?

Select a 'Start Date' and 'End Date' for ads/messaging that you only want displayed for a certain time period. Now you can plan your messaging ahead of time before any major holiday or season! 

(Once you've made your changes, don't forget to hit 'Submit' to save those changes!)




Priority Ads4.png

To view all of your ads, simply click on the 'Ads' button again. 

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Carolyn Truong