Day 4 of the 12 days of WANDA (Part 4/12)

On the 4th day of Christmas WANDA gave to you... a list of your cleaning history! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone, we're officially a third of the way there! Have you ever noticed that unsightly sign-in sheet that cleaning staff use in public restrooms? The paper or laminates are usually overused, dirty, and crumpled, while at times it seems as if the sheet has been signed all the way till 5 pm even though it is only noon and it's clearly not been serviced.  

Of the many things that WANDA can do for you, one of the features is that it can act as a digital sign-in sheet for your scheduled staff cleanings. For example, if you have a scheduled cleaning at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm, you can actually log into our Client Portal reports  for 'Cleaning History' to  see if your staff actually logged in at those times. Here's how to access the reports:  


As with the other reports, if you want to select more than one option, just remember to hold the 'Ctrl' button while you click your mouse. 


As you can see, the system records a timestamp of when the Employee logged in, as well as displays what tasks they completed during that cleaning. Your employees can be held more accountable because they physically have to be at the unit and actually log-in with their unique password in order to save the time stamp. Please note that from the picture above, if any alerts were issued during this time, they would also be displayed on the report. 


One of our customers mentioned that he would test his staff with WANDA by sending an alert on the unit, then wait to see how long it would take his staff to  address the request. Another location completely changed their cleaning schedule by observing patterns in the reports. For example, they noticed that a lot of their cleaning histories in the 'Food court' also included alerts while the 'Hallway' cleaning history did not (as indicative of a busier washroom). As a result, they deployed some of their 'Hallway' cleaning staff to the 'Food court'. 

Thanks again for reading and have a great day! Questions? Email me at 

Carolyn Truong