Halfway through our 12 days of WANDA!

Happy Monday Everyone! We're halfway through our 12 days of WANDA and today we'll be talking about the 'Tasks' Reports! The 'Tasks' report lists what tasks your employees completed and when they logged into the system. To access these reports, make sure you're in the 'restroom' application, select 'Reports' from the left hand column, then 'Tasks'. Once you reach this page, choose a 'Start Date' and 'End Date', your 'Tasks' (or 'Ctrl +A' to select all), which restroom you want to view, then click 'Submit'. 

As you can see, the report generated organizes the information by 'Unit', 'Room Type', 'Tasks', and also displays a 'Timestamp'. So for example if one of your employees said they cleaned the toilet on November 23rd at 2:06 pm, you can check to see if they actually logged in at that time. 

One thing to note however with the 'Task' list is to make sure your employees understand that this is NOT meant to be a checklist. The reason for this is because if your employees are always just checking off every item on the WANDA, then the reports will be the exact same for every entry. This does not give you any new information. You want to ensure that your staff members only selecting the items that they completed, so that over time, you can see whether of not they're performing certain tasks more often then others. For example, why are they cleaning the floors every time they clean the toilets? Is there a leaking  toilet that we didn't know about?

If managers want to make sure all the other items are satisfactory when their employees are servicing the restrooms, a suggestion would be to have an 'All Tasks Satisfactory' button, then instead of manually clicking on every single item on the WANDA, they can just click on that one button. This way, in the case that they had  to 'Clean Floor' more significantly, they can also click on that item and your reports would display both sets of information. 

I hope this tip was helpful! If you have any questions, please let me know at carolyn@visionstate.com. Have a great day!  

Carolyn Truong