Day 8 of the 12 days of WANDA!

On the 8th day of Christmas WANDA gave to you... monthly alerts from the analytics dashboard!

Only two more days until Christmas! Today I'll go over how to use the 'Monthly Alert' section on the analytics dashboard as well as how to understand the information. Although I can't demonstrate the interactivity of the dashboard on this blog, the live version is definitely interactive. As explained in the image below, when you hover your  mouse over the different months, the dashboard will change to reflect the average number of alerts for your chosen month. 

The graph displays data over a two year period so that you can easily compare the information between the two years. A total alert average is displayed and is stationary so that when you hover your mouse over each month, you can continue to compare your chosen month against the total average.


The nice thing about having this graph is that now you can visually see if there are any patterns or peaks in your data.  From the data set below, you can see that there are clear peaks in the number of alerts in August and December of both years. With this information, you can easily prepare for the following year. If you know that the number of alerts is going to be high in August and December, you may want to increase staff, or cleaning frequency. 

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Carolyn Truong