We're 3/4 way through our 12 days of WANDA!

On the 9th day of Christmas WANDA gave to you ... a summary of your alerts by WANDA location! 

Alright folks, so today we're going to talk about another section of the analytics dashboard, the 'Alerts by Location' section. With this information breakdown, you can visually and numerically compare your WANDAs with each other. For example, is the lobby WANDA receiving more alerts than the cafeteria WANDA? Now you'll know! 

As you can see below, this location has two WANDA units: one on the 'Ground floor, Southeast' wing and a newly installed WANDA unit on the 'Main floor'. Similar to the 'Monthly Alerts' breakdown we talked about yesterday, the graph displays a stationary total alert average and a median response time (over a two year period) for you to compare your chosen month with. 

With the average response time, you can see how quickly your staff are responding to the alerts, and the goal is to always be quicker than your previous time for next month. This section on the dashboard is interactive on the live version so you can quickly hover your mouse over each month to see what your numbers were. 

The dashboard will summarize data from your reports at the end of each month so if you're wondering why it's October 15th, and there's no graph for October yet, it will appear after October 31st. I also want to mention that as you can see from the image above, the 'Main floor' unit has a gap in it's information because the location had not installed this unit until later on. The location had their 'Ground floor, Southeast' unit for about a year, decided they liked the system, and decided to purchase another unit for their 'Main floor'. 

I hope you liked this information, and let me know if you have any questions at carolyn@visionstate.com. 

Carolyn TruongComment