Day 10 of the 12 days of WANDA!

Welcome back Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic break and lovely Christmas with your friends and family. If you're still feeling sluggish from all that turkey and stuffing, and not quite ready to jump back into work mode (what with New Year's coming up) why not read up on WANDA aka product research! 

Today we're going to continue our 12 days of WANDA with a detailed look at the 'Alerts by Type' breakdown on our analytics dashboard.  As you can see from the image, the dashboard takes your 'Areas of Attention' items and separates them into different graphs so that you can see which areas are being requested for attention the most. It also shows the median response times for each alert type. This is a great tool to use to determine what areas your staff should pay closer attention to when they are servicing a restroom. Since this section in the dashboard draws information directly from the 'Areas of Attention' in your Client Portal, it is completely customizable. This is why even though WANDA was originally designed to help service restrooms, it can actually service any area you wish because the list is customizable to whatever area you choose. So for example, if you wanted to service a waiting area and you had coffee cups, garbage cans, vacuum floors, etc. those would be reflected on your WANDA and subsequently on the dashboard as well. 

From the graph, another quick way to identify which type of alerts make up most of your issues is by looking at the density of the graphs (the area underneath the line graph). The larger the area, the greater the number of alerts. For example, just by looking at the density, you can see that 'Toilet' alerts have a greater graph area than 'Urinal' alerts. If you're finding that the areas are too similar, you can also look at the numerical values, 'Toilets' has an average of 11 alerts per month over the two year period, while 'Urinals' has 2 alerts per month.

We hope you found this information to be helpful and as always, if you have any questions, email me at 

Carolyn Truong