Second last day of the 12 days of WANDA!

Hey Everyone! Today is day 11 for the 12 days of WANDA and I'd like to talk about the average response time breakdown on the analytics dashboard. 

As you can see, our interactive dashboard takes the data gathered from the employee response times and organizes the information into four different groups: the percentage of responses that are under 8 hours, 1 hour, 20 minutes, and 5 minutes. As you hover your mouse around the graph area, the numbers on the right will change to reflect the values for that month. Each section also displays a percentage over a two year period so that you can compare your current month again that value. 

Please keep in mind that at times, the "% Under 5 Min" breakdown may be unrealistic due to the size of your facility. For example, locations such as airports and hospitals may have the same cleaners who are tasked with servicing multiple restrooms in different wings or terminals where travel time between restrooms can take longer than 5 minutes.

Overall however, this is a nice tool to use to gauge whether your staff are responding to customer requests. Over time, you can also use these metrics to encourage your staff to keep up their good work, or exceed those standards.

I hope you found this tip useful! Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions at  

Carolyn Truong