2015 Recap for Visionstate

It's the last day of 2015 and like me, many of you are probably looking back and wondering how an entire year passed by so quickly, while at the same time wondering what's in store for the new year!  Let's take a look back at my favourite posts and segments on WANDA for 2015:

12 days of WANDA


The 12 days of WANDA went through different features in the Client Portal for your WANDA unit. Now you can utilize the information gathered from your units to make changes to your operations or schedules. 


WANDA Perception Study

The WANDA perception study was conducted at Edmonton International Airport to determine whether participants who viewed the most recent cleaning time on a WANDA unit would give higher cleanliness ratings for the restrooms. At the end of the study, the results were positive!


World Toilet Day

I really enjoyed the segment on World Toilet Day because the first step to change is awareness. I had no idea what the day was all about until I started looking into it. A clean accessible toilet is definitely something I am guilty of taking for granted while so many individuals around the world are deprived of a basic need. Everyone has the right to proper sanitation so this year I hope we can do more to promote it! 


All -Gender Washrooms

This year we also talked about one of our local universities opening all-gender washrooms. As mentioned with World Toilet Day, everyone deserves a safe space to go to the bathroom. You have 'Bathrooms' in your home, not  'Men's only', or 'Women's only' bathrooms so why should it be different anywhere else? Let's hope we see more of these in the new year! 

Coolest Bathroom

Lastly, this year we had Visionstate's list of coolest bathrooms. Our verdict for winner was the NASA Space Toilet because of the feat of engineering and thought that had to go into designing the product. Even in space, you need somewhere to go! 

Let us know what some of your favourite segments this year were and as always if you have any questions, feel free to email me at carolyn@visionstate.com. Have any exciting plans for New Year's Eve tonight? Stay safe and please don't drink and drive!

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