How much are you willing to pay for a Slip & Fall?

Did you know that “slips, trips, and falls” is second to motor vehicles when it comes to accidental deaths? Causes can range from wet or damp floors, to clutter, footwear and improper cleaning*.  The costs associated with a slip and fall injury can be very expensive, however this is nothing compared to someone potentially paying the ultimate price due to their injuries.  

In a slip and fall case, the occupier of the property, as well as those who maintain and repair the premise, must show that they’ve taken reasonable precautions under their “duty of care” to visitors and users of the property. These precautions include*:

  • having a system of inspection in place
  • performing the inspection
  • having a system of appropriate maintenance
  • performing maintenance
  • warnings of hazardous situations or correct a known danger


How can WANDA help? 

With WANDA’s interactive touchscreen and easy-to-access web-based reports, you can prove that you’ve performed your duty of care to your visitors. No more digging through boxes of paper-based check-in sheets to find what you are looking for.

The “Cleaning History” report below displays a timestamp of when your employees serviced the restroom. So if you have scheduled cleanings for your staff at 9 am and 11 am, you can check to see if they’ve actually logged on at those times. For example, Jo Anne logged in at 8:57 am and 11:06 am. 

Additionally, WANDA allows for patrons to notify for service if they notice any issues. This way in the case maintenance isn’t scheduled until a later time, the occupier can be notified to dispatch someone immediately.

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Carolyn Truong