Longwood Gardens - Call it Mother Nature's Sanctuary

As you stroll leisurely through the Longwood Gardens, you stop to inhale the fresh smell of live greenery while admiring the largest indoor  "Green Wall" in North America. Ok, maybe don't inhale too deeply because little did you know, there are 17 restrooms behind that wall!

If you read yesterday's blog post, you were probably wondering who ended up winning CINTAS' 2014 Best Restroom Award. If you guessed Longwood Gardens, you'd be right! 

Not only are the walls literally green from the plants, but the design of the facility is green for the environment as well. Greenhouse-like ceilings give way to natural light reducing the need for electricity in the hall, and round domes fitted with translucent glass provide light for the stalls. 

I couldn't help wondering though, with the growing popularity of aquaponics (ex. a cyclic system that uses fish waste to fertilize plants, and those plants produce oxygen for the fish), I'm curious if they ever considered implementing a similar system to maintain the plants; you know, your soil would be the plant's soil... Just kidding! Overall, the bathroom looks like the perfect sanctuary to answer mother nature's call and it definitely fits Visionstate's Cool Bathrooms guidelines: clean, adds value to the community, unique, and good design. 

Longwood Gardens wouldn't have won the Best Restroom award if they weren't clean, and according to their communications manager, Patricia Evans, “The restrooms at Longwood have become a ‘must-see’ for our one million annual visitors, and we even have docents nearby to share the story of their creation. To be named America’s Best Restroom would be a testament to our creativity and environmental stewardship", not to mention their uniqueness and environmental design as well. Please note that I found the pictures on the CINTAS Best Restroom website: http://www.bestrestroom.com/us/press/2014-finalists-images.asp

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Carolyn Truong