Doody Calls

Here at Visionstate, we like to think of ourselves as experts in what we do and the products we offer by constantly researching and reading up on related companies, news, and products. Being in the bathroom business, we’ll often stumble across many other unique businesses.

Today I’ll be blogging about Doody Calls, a fantastic example of a company that thinks outside of the (litter) box, literally! Doody Calls offers contracted cleaning services to rid yards and pet owners of having to deal with and dispose of dog poop and kitty litter. It’s funny because I’ve always loved the idea of having a dog minus cleaning up after it, and now there’s a service for that!  

With 75.8 million dogs as pets in the United States alone* (Statistic from 2012), there are a lot of dogs whose owners may want to have them cleaned up after.  

I thought that DoodyCalls was the only company in this business but turns out they service mainly in the United States. Doing a more local search, we have quite a few companies Canada that believe people like you (if you have a dog) have much better things to doo (see what I did there?) with their time and as a result built successful businesses out of that need.

I applaud the ones who have cleverly conceived names such as: Nature Calls Pet Services, the Poop Patrol, Poooh Busters, and my personal favourite, Scoopy Doo, where they “pick up where your dog left off”.

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