Poo Wifi

Hi Everyone, thanks for joining me today! Being in the technology industry this particular story about Poo Wifi was quite intriguing and interesting to me.

Recently, a Mexican internet portal company called Terra started implementing dog poo garbage disposal stations in parks. How it works is that dog owners will collect their dogs’ waste in baggies and deposit them into the electronic waste bins. The bins then weigh the waste and output wifi for a certain period of time dependent on the weight.

 Image from: http://www.ideegreen.it/poo-wifi-internet-gratis-grazie-ai-vostri-cani-4369.html

Image from: http://www.ideegreen.it/poo-wifi-internet-gratis-grazie-ai-vostri-cani-4369.html

This is such a great idea to cleaning up the park considering no one likes going for a walk and stepping in an unexpected surprise. However, I do feel that people with small dogs are being slighted cheated considering their output would be comparatively smaller than big dogs. Regardless, I find the idea of turd tokens extremely amusing. I definitely recommend checking out the video, it’s not in English but you can definitely get the gist of it and it is very comical:

*Spoiler alert!* I doubled over when the man was trying to convince his dog to doo (pun intended) the deed because he needed to send an email.

The Poo Wifi stations are manned during the day with attendants to show you how to use the bins. In the evenings however, people have been known to throw regular garbage in just to access the free wifi; however, the company doesn’t mind considering every piece of garbage in the bin is one less piece of garbage in the parks.

Let me know what you think and if this is something you would use!

Reference: http://news.discovery.com/tech/exchange-dog-poo-for-free-wi-fi-120425.htm

Carolyn Truong