All-Gender Washrooms

 Image credited to   @LaurenPmicke

Image credited to @LaurenPmicke

There are a lot of little things that many of us take for granted, one of which is a safe space to go to the bathroom. I have never had to question which washroom to use, let alone be harassed in my right to use it, however there are countless others who do not have the same luxury. If going to the bathroom is such a basic necessity, shouldn’t everyone have the right to feel comfortable doing so?

This is why it makes me so happy to see when establishments go that extra step to make everyone feel welcome. MacEwan University recently introduced 16 All-gender washrooms throughout their downtown campus to provide more students with a basic need.

Especially in an environment where students may currently be questioning their identity, in transition, or have already transitioned, this open-minded gesture is truly refreshing to see. Students shouldn’t have to worry about where they can use the bathroom on top of regular school stress.  

Check out the video for the whole story:

On a practical standpoint as mentioned in the video, many times there will be identical, but separate Men’s and Women’s washroom right across from each other; it just makes sense to turn them into all-gender restrooms. I can’t even count how many times I’ve uncomfortably waited in a never-ending line outside the Women’s washroom while the Men’s washroom lay empty. Now with more people using the same facilities, I hope they’ll be looking to WANDAs next! 

Carolyn Truong