We're sad to have missed you!

Hey Everyone! So as you may or may not know we hosted a WANDA Webinar this morning on our brand new Analytics Dashboard in conjunction with a new Client Portal. I should really start calling them WANDA-nars haha! If you were able to make it, thank you for joining but don't disregard the rest of this post just yet because the information might still be relevant to you.  

So in case you did miss it, or want to watch it again, you can now watch exactly how it unfolded this morning because we have *drumroll* ... a live recording of the whole thing!

To make sure you're not a robot or anything, please fill in your name and email to access the recording.

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If you are a robot with a name and email.... please message me, I have always wanted to meet a real live robot. 

Carolyn Truong