Fact-astic Fridays!

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Congratulations Everyone, you've officially made it through your first week back from the holidays! For the New Year, I'd like to introduce to you our first ever Fact-astic Friday

On Fridays, I enjoy reading up on the latest news and technology in the industry to keep informed while winding down before the weekend. I'm sure many people are the same way so I've decided to start Fact-astic Fridays where I compile articles that have peaked my interest during week.

First off was the SMART Toilet , a self-cleaning toilet that does everything from detecting your presence (to your "presents", just kidding) to providing gentle massages. The toilet has a built-in bidet, drying fan, heated seats, and even an air purifying system to get rid of odours. Basically it turns your washroom into even more of a sanctuary! I think this is such a cool product but it is way too pricey for me. Even though one of the things I hate cleaning the most at home (as I'm sure most of you would agree) is the bathroom, specifically the toilet, I don't think I can justify the $9,800 price tag. Perhaps one day when I win the lottery!

The second article I found discussed the repercussions of bad hygiene at work. With flu-season still in full swing, infections can spread very quickly in the workplace through common touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and coffee pots (all the more reason for me to justify my daily Starbucks!). Shockingly, the article states that the average computer mouse and keyboard have more bacteria than a toilet seat, gross! This could be because people pay more attention to cleaning the washrooms, while neglecting all the other common areas in the office. I can definitely see a WANDA being used in a break room, you can list things like, "Clean coffee pot", "Wipe counters", "More coffee" etc. Sick employees are  expensive to a company, so really it is in everyone's best interest to keep a clean environment. Speaking of which, I guess I'll be disinfecting my mouse and keyboard this afternoon! 

Anyway, enjoy your reading and have a wonderful weekend! 



Carolyn Truong