Visionstate CEO receives award for random act of kindness

Edmonton, Alberta, December 15, 2016 – As a company that values community involvement and helping others, Visionstate Inc., a wholly owned division of Visionstate Corp. (TSXV: VIS), is proud to announce the company president has been awarded coach of the month in Edmonton for a random act of kindness directed toward a new hockey player.

John Putters, President of Visionstate Inc., was awarded the honor by Edmonton’s Global TV MVP for the month of December. The award recognizes contributions to the community made by the hundreds of volunteers each year who coach at the minor league level.

John was recognized for the award after assisting a new hockey player who enrolled at the Atom level and had not only never played hockey before, but had yet to learn how to skate.  

“John was sitting in the stands watching the Atom evaluations and this player, who had registered in hockey for the first time in her life, was struggling on the ice. John got up from the stands, went to his car and got his stick, skates and helmet, then went on to the ice and provided personalized skating instruction to the player who couldn’t even stand up,” explained Visionstate CFO Randa Kachkar. 

“Over the next several weeks of evaluations, John showed up, went on to the ice, and continued teaching the new player the fundamentals of skating and the game of hockey. Today, that player is on John’s Atom team and has not only learned how to skate, but has become a valuable part of the team.”

John, who has been coaching minor hockey for almost 15 years, took the award in stride.

“I’m a firm believer in community involvement, especially assisting those who need our help the most,” Putters explained. “To me, these kinds of volunteer activities should be normal activity for everyone. At Visionstate we promote the concept of shared value, which recognizes the vital role businesses play in responding to community need.”  

The video of John’s award can be seen at:

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