Visionstate CEO invited to showcase "WANDA" to Bunzl's Global Innovation Team at Industry Conference in Las Vegas

EDMONTON, ALBERTA September 13, 2017 –- Visionstate Corp. (TSXV: VIS) (the “Company”) announced that they are presenting at ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada today to Bunzl’s (NYSE: BNZL) global innovation team. Visionstate will also be introducing WANDA and its capabilities to the conference attendees.

John Putters, CEO, Visionstate commented, “This gives us an opportunity to present WANDA’s development and future to Bunzl’s global innovation leaders from Bunzl UK, USA, Australia. We are excited to take WANDA to its next level with our new relationship with Bunzl.”

John PuttersComment