Visionstate's IoT Product Sales Driven by Demand for Analytics

EDMONTON, ALBERTA August 24, 2017 (Visionstate Corp. TSXV:VIS) –- Analytics continues to be the driving force behind increased demand for Visionstate Inc.’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is quickly becoming the standard in the building services industry.

Visionstate’s smart device, called WANDA, is disruptive technology that replaces paper‐based tracking and monitoring in restrooms with an IoT application that provides detailed analytics on all aspects of building services, including traffic volumes, supply levels, and cleaning and maintenance activities to name a few. The information collected by WANDA is presented in an analytics dashboard to provide building operators with detailed data that has been demonstrated to improve accountability and operating efficiencies.

Visionstate is seeing a sharp increase in sales particularly in the healthcare sector, in both Canada and the US. Since July 2017, the Company has successfully installed in three hospitals in Eastern Canada and is currently installing in new hospital locations in Colorado, Washington DC, Northern Ontario and Toronto. Units have also been installed in two shopping centers in Canada. Additional units have been sold to the Company’s distribution partner in the UK where interest in IoT applications is also growing. Existing customers have also placed orders for more units, including Edmonton International Airport.

“The interest in our WANDA product has dramatically increased over the past six months,” explains Visionstate President John Putters. “WANDA is setting a new standard for tracking and monitoring building service activities. It will be very difficult for building services companies to compete in this space without having the benefit of the analytics that WANDA provides.”

Future plans with WANDA include development of sensors to communicate with WANDA and report supply levels and potential maintenance issues. This further expands the capability of the product as it continues to evolve as a hub for critical data in the building services sector. Development of these sensors is underway.

John PuttersComment