Visionstate's WANDA Receives Rave Reviews in Airport Magazine

Edmonton, Alberta, May 30, 2017 (Visionstate Corp. TSXV:VIS) – Industry sectors investing in applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing quickly and starting to be covered prominently in industry trade magazines.

In the May/June edition of Airport Improvement Magazine, Visionstate’s WANDA product was featured based on successes it experienced by installing the WANDA technology in Edmonton International Airport (EIA) in 2016. WANDA is a 10 or 15 inch smart device that monitors service and maintenance in cleaning areas such as public restrooms, and acts as a hub to collect data from sensors connected to appliances and dispensers.

As reported in the article, EIA installed two units as a pilot project and subsequently installed an additional 10 units in its high traffic restrooms. The technology had an immediate impact on service quality, and provided building managers with valuable data on the staff performance.

“WANDA helps us learn the traffic trends and coordinate staffing so we can use our resources properly,” said Shelandra Singh, general manager of EIA maintenance provider, Carillion Canada. “The biggest thing I see is the quality of cleaning has gone up and accountability of my staff has gone through the roof.”

As a result of the increased accountability, restrooms are better kept and supplied. Another tangible benefit from installing WANDA is how the increased accountability affects patrons using the restroom facilities. One measure of customer satisfaction is based on the number of service or maintenance alerts issued by patrons at each restroom location. Issues flagged by the public are immediately communicated to appropriate cleaning or maintenance staff, and the response time to these alerts is measured by the technology.

“When we first installed WANDA, emails (alerts) were flowing in rapidly,” explained Singh. “They slowly decreased because our maintenance team was more on top of things. We dropped from 60 or 70 per month to about 20.”

While data relating to supplies and schedules have a direct impact on operational efficiencies, one of the biggest benefits of WANDA is the public’s perception of a facility’s commitment to clean restrooms – a fact that has a direct impact on people’s views on the facility generally.

“Airports are judged, in large part, on their cleanliness, including the cleanliness of their restrooms” Singh explained in the article. “Restrooms are the first thing people use when they get off an airplane, and the last thing they use before boarding an airplane.

Industry analysts predict the IoT market to grow to $60 Trillion by the year 2020, and the install base of connected devices to grow from 30.7 billion devices in 2020 to 75.4 billion in 2025. The demand for IoT applications is being fuelled by optimizing operations and improving real time performance.

John PuttersComment