Bunzl Canada Introduces Exclusive Smart Restroom Technology

Next-generation Digital solution improves customer experience and efficiency; reduces cost.

Burlington, ON – February 21, 2018 – Bunzl Canada (bunzlcanada.ca) today announced the launch of its latest technology-based facility management solution, WandaNEXT™. The IoT restroom monitoring system uses a touchscreen interface to enable customers in retail, healthcare, airports, conference centres and commercial environments to have a predictable, high-quality restroom service experience. Restroom attendants and facility managers will be provided with real-time data to better predict labour and supply requirements based on actual usage patterns and cleaning task time requirements. WandaNEXT™, powered by Visionstate Inc. (TSX Venture: VIS), and exclusively available through Bunzl Canada, will optimize labour utilization and improve the overall quality of restroom care. “Providing the most intelligent business solutions to help our customers effectively manage their facilities is at the forefront of our objectives. WandaNEXT™ is an easy-to-use technology that will help them improve customer experience, optimize labour and supply management and reduce costs”, says Bunzl Canada President, John Howlett. Specific features of WandaNEXT™ include: • Customer interface to generate instant notifications for service or supplies • Predictive analytics based on usage data to enable proactive cleaning and avoid customer satisfaction gaps • Heat maps that indicate usage patterns to allow for more efficient deployment of staff • System tracking of supply usage and auto-replenishment notifications to proactively manage stock levels • Service alert analytics that identify improvement areas and staff training opportunities WandaNEXT™ can be found in facilities throughout Canada and U.S., including the Edmonton International Airport, which experienced a 300% drop in email complaints from passengers about the state of restrooms through use of the system. To learn more about WandaNEXT™, visit bunzlcanada.ca/WandaNEXT

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