Find Your Own Way
Vicci Directories

Our Virtual Interactive Customer Care Interface (VICCI) is Visionstate’s flagship product. With this product, Visionstate pioneered the public space interactive touchscreen market before people could put finger to screen.

This cutting edge software connects places and people as process through technology by assisting guests in large public facilities find the most direct route to the location they seek. Just touch the screen and follow the animation to your destination. Tenants can include promotions, detailed store information, job listings or menus, and facility management can display large format advertising as a slide show to keep your guests informed.

Connecting Places.


VICCI is all about finding your place in the world.  Literally.  VICCI's SMART touchscreen technology connects you to your location and assists in orientating and identifying your next move.  Vicci's potential public space usage is endless and can be customized to help way-finding in almost any facility.  Wherever you need to be, if there's a VICCI, we'll help you get there.


Connecting People.


Customers use the category, alphabetical, keyboard search, or feature bar to find what they are looking for, then make their selection from the resultsThe store listing comprises of a picture and description of the store, and a button to activate map directions.


Staff with access to the Client Portal can create and edit tenant listings, events, job postings, sales, and ads/messaging. Once the information is submitted, the changes are made on VICCI, and simultaneously on any connected complementary products.


Connecting Process.


Connecting Technology.



We've been in the directory business since 2005 and know what works. Our custom software is built in Linux and we work directly with you and your facility to ensure the maps we build fit your brand. 

Once we provide you with our Client Portal training, you can easily upload ads, add events or sales, and change out tenants as you please. 

ViCCi Map.png

Complementary Products

Add the following complementary products to your VICCI directories offering. Whether you need static directories or a mobile directory (MICCI), both products are synced to the VICCI software so that any changes made on the Client Portal to VICCI will automatically update the other products.