WANDA is an industrial grade smart tablet, that tracks cleaning, maintenance and supply utilization in both public and private facilities such as hospitals, airports, shopping centres, arenas and office buildings.

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How It Works.

  • WANDA replaces antiquated pen and paper-based methods of tracking information with a smart device, introducing a whole new level of accountability in facility management, requiring staff to log, in real time, onsite to record cleaning activities and supply replenishment.   
  • WANDA is mounted in prominent public areas to display the most current cleaning times, as well as providing your customers the ability to send real time alerts to facility managers on issues that require attention.
  • WANDA has a robust back end that empowers managers to configure the software according to their needs, and provides detailed reports on activities performed in cleaning, maintaining and supplying defined areas such as restrooms, hospitality suites, waiting rooms and others.  Historical reporting and archived information is readily available at the touch of a keypad. 

Options:  WANDA is flexible and can serve any environment. Options offer a customer survey for patrons to rate their experience, and a smart light bulb that changes color when Issues are flagged by customers.

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The power behind WANDA is its ability to provide real time information on cleaning activities that can be easily read and understood by facility managers.

  • Visionstate’s analytics dashboard provides instant insight into what’s going on with custodial activities, identifying which staff member cleaned a specific area, when those activities were performed, and the supplies utilized in the process.

  • Our analytics dashboard will highlight the areas of concern, how quickly staff responded to customer alerts, and how that performance compares to previous days, weeks, months, or years.

  • Detailed reports provide an audit trail on who did what and when, and what supplies were used to perform these duties. This data ensures accountability in cleaning and maintenance staff.
  • Visionstate's analytics have demonstrated better cleaning practices, improved scheduling, and better response times to customer alerts.

Product Features.

WANDA has a fully customizable content management system that enables facility managers to configure the device for any public or private facility.

  • WANDA is a bundled solution, containing software, hardware, mounts and antibacterial overlay. Just plug it in, connect to the Internet, and start enjoying the benefits.
  • WANDA is available in both 10 and 15 inch sizes to accommodate any public setting, whether it’s a shopping center or an office building.

   WANDA's 10 " model for smaller private spaces or the 15" model for larger traffic volume in public spaces.

  • The 15 inch version of WANDA provides dedicated space for advertising, public service announcements or branding.
  • WANDA prominently displays the last cleaning event and invites customers to flag issues with a touch of a button. Customer alerts are then delivered via email, smartphone or pager to the appropriate individual to dispatch and attendant.
  • Cleaning staff log into WANDA on site with their unique ID and use a simple interface to record cleaning activities and supplies used.
  • Visionstate’s robust, web-based content management system provides access to all aspects of WANDA, including customizable reports and the analytics dashboard.

OPTIONS:  WANDA is flexible and can serve any environment. Options include having a customer survey for patrons to rate their experience, and a smart light bulb that changes color when Issues are flagged by customers.


  • Perception: Perception is everything when it comes to clean facilities. By installing WANDA, building operators are sending a message to customers that they care about the condition of the facility.  in 2015, Visionstate in a partnership with the University of Alberta organized a study to determine the effects the presence of WANDA has on patrons.  The results were fascinating and clearly defines the benefits of having a WANDA in your facility.  See the Perception Study here

  • Accountability: Cleaning staff are held accountable by logging into WANDA on location and entering duties performed and supplies used. This creates a factual archive of the activity that may be referenced as proof of the cleaning.
  • Audit: WANDA provides an audit trail on the cleaning history and resources used in the process. This is valuable information in assessing the performance of the cleaning staff.
  • Analytics: WANDA provides insight on what’s going on in your restroom. Simple, easy-to-use analytics dashboard gives a real time glimpse into issues and performance.
  • Liability: Detailed reports on cleaning history, by whom, what and when, is a valuable defense for potential lawsuits.
  • Efficiency: WANDA instantly provides measurable improvement to the cleaning process. Facility managers can assess data produced by WANDA to improve cleaning schedules.
  • Flexibility: WANDA can be used in any environment which requires attention, including restrooms, waiting areas, baggage handling areas, or anywhere else that patrons have access.

OPTIONS:  WANDA is flexible and can serve any environment. Options include having a customer survey for patrons to rate their experience, and a smart light bulb that changes color when issues are flagged by customers.

Markets We Serve.

  • Airports: Let your clean facilities be the first thing travelers and visitors see when they fly into your city. By simply having a WANDA unit installed outside your restrooms, it has been proven to improve customer perceptions of the restrooms. WANDA can be installed in any area requiring cleaning, including baggage handling and waiting areas.
  • Restaurants: Using Visionstate’s WiFi enabled, multicolor light bulbs, restaurant managers can know instantly whether or not the restroom requires attention.
  • Shopping Centers: WANDA improves customer service by giving patrons an anonymous outlet to voice their concerns. Additionally, you can now adjust your cleaning schedule depending on which areas are receiving the most customer alerts.
  • Hospitals: Numerous hospitals across North America have installed WANDA to ensure their facilities are being cleaned when needed. In healthcare facilities, cleanliness is especially important in minimizing the spread of infection.

How To Buy.

Did you know you can purchase a WANDA for as little as $1.28 per day? Find out more here.

See our Downloads Page for specific details on WANDA.