Visionstate takes great pride in being leaders in the technology field.  It is our priority to constantly challenge ourselves in finding new solutions to the growing complexities of everyday life. 

Customer Surveys.

Based on feedback from our clients, we’ve added the ability for customers to include a survey on WANDA to gauge how satisfied people are with their restroom experience. 

Smart Bulb.

Restaurants are busy places, and employees have little time to check cellphones for WANDA alerts sent by the public. Our answer? Add a smart LED light bulb that can be installed anywhere with a WiFi connection. When patrons flag issues, the smart bulb changes color, alerting staff to issues in the restroom that need to be addressed. 


Visionstate continues to help you maneuver with more ease and purpose throughout a world where the balance between environmental responsibility and economic stability is often at odds.

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With our eco-conscious/user-experience first approach to innovation and design, we are in the process of developing the newest member of the Visionstate product line, TOMI, with commercialization and utilization anticipated by 2018.


What is Tomi?

TOMI is software that will record and collate data measuring water flow in public and private toilets. If a problem is discovered, an alert is sent in real time to the facility manager or homeowner. TOMI’s Analytics Software provides statistical insight that can determine peak usage or trends in alert times, how often toilets get used, which ones get used most often, how much water is being used per flush and which ones need adjustments to stabilize water-flow. This information will help you predict failure rates and accurately assess monthly expenses, saving you money and helping maintain water sustainability.


No throne left unturned.

In a partnership with the University of Alberta, we are exhaustively researching housing and sensor solutions to compliment TOMI’s software. Canada’s MITACS non-profit research and training program brings together promising technology companies with leading researchers of specialized fields from local universities in order to better make available sustained and advanced research. This pertnership will ensure the very best product available, custom built by the very best.


Helping your world.

Helping your wallet.

With the growing concern and evidential insight into the potential risks of Global Warming and other environmental challenges, water shortages are becoming epidemic in scale around the world.


With innovative leaders like Visionstate and more social responsibility and education, a difference can be made regarding water sustainability and the future freshwater availability could significantly increase. We're here to help you make a difference.

Look for Tomi in 2018.