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“We are committed to investing in technology that has a positive global impact. Whether it’s by leveraging the power of analytics, using resources more efficiently, or creating technology to enable businesses to support sustainability and greater well-being, our approach is to make business and lives better.”

 A company whose goal is to invest in smart technology that promotes sustainability and greater well-being.


An Internet of Things (IoT) company that specializes in data collection and analytics through sensor data.

Visionstate IoT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visionstate Corp. 


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John Putters, President & CEO, Director, Company Founder 

15 years of experience in IT and public companies, nominated twice for National Innovation Award

Alastair Medford, Technical Director

6 years with Visionstate, drives innovation and technology

Randar Kachkar, CFO, Board Secrectary

25 years of management experience in finance, strategy and operations

Ned Dimitrov, Investment and Acquisition, Director

Over 8 years of experience in sales, capital markets and business development, a seasoned multi-lingual professional with proven history of identifying new business niches and developing new markets

Jim Duke, Chairman of the Investment Committee, Director

A long-time director of VisionstateCorp. with considerable experience in entrepreneurshipand capital markets; works with the Investment Committee to identify companies that have synergieswith VisionstateIoT Inc.


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