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“We are committed to investing in technology that has a positive global impact. Whether it’s by leveraging the power of analytics, using resources more efficiently, or creating technology to enable businesses to support sustainability and greater well-being, our approach is to make business and lives better.”

 A company whose goal is to invest in smart technology that promotes sustainability and greater well-being.


An Internet of Things (IoT) company that specializes in data collection and analytics through sensor data.

Visionstate IoT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visionstate Corp. 


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John Putters, President & CEO, Director, Company Founder 

15 years of experience in IT and public companies, nominated twice for National Innovation Award

Alastair Medford, Technical Director

6 years with Visionstate, drives innovation and technology

Randa Kachkar, CFO, Board Secretary

25 years of management experience in finance, strategy and operations

Ned Dimitrov, Investment and Acquisition, Director

More than 8 years of experience in sales, capital markets and business development, a seasoned multi-lingual professional with proven history of identifying new business niches and developing new markets

Jim Duke, Chairman of the Investment Committee, Director

A long-time director of Visionstate Corp. with considerable experience in entrepreneurship and capital markets; works with the Investment Committee to identify companies that have synergies with Visionstate IoT Inc.

Belinda Davidson, VP Marketing & Business Strategy

A Marketing Strategist with international experience and an impressive career in commercial real estate operations, Belinda brings nearly 30 years of collective marketing and property management proficiency. Spending most of her career with a leading Canadian-based global property owner, manager and developer, she has developed strong expertise in: Leadership, Brand
Development, Relationship Building, Strategy, Data Analysis, Project Management and Customer Relations. Belinda’s extensive knowledge and marketing expertise also extend to the non-profit sector as a Board member for Knight’s Cabin Cancer Retreats and as Communications and Marketing.  As VP of Marketing and Business Strategy, Belinda is responsible for strengthening our public awareness, increasing our customer base and driving sales revenue, in addition to working with global partners to build sales strategies and target strategic sectors.


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