Visionstate Corp is a company with a goal of investing in smart technology within companies that promote sustainability and greater well-being.

Below are three companies Visionstate Corp has invested in for various strategic reasons to further this goal. 

Please read each company's description and summary of investment to learn more. 


What’s Visionstate IoT?

Visionstate IoT is Visionstate Corp.’s wholly-owned subsidiary which specializes in data collection and analytics through sensor data. Our IoT devices and systems introduce new efficiencies in building operations and maintenance.

Visionstate IoT's core product is WANDA™ - an IoT touch-screen solution that collects information on cleaning activities, monitors supply inventories, manages workforce, collects foot-traffic data using people sensors, and provides detailed analytics, reporting and dashboards.


Visionstate IoT has extensive experience in IoT applications and is bring together the right partners to ensure maximum return on investment for companies that are looking for smart technology solutions.

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Exceed Solar specializes in solar applications including backyard garden suites and greenhouses that are powered by renewable energy and branded under the name “Sol Spaces.”

Cutting edge technology is leveraged in building materials and each Sol Space is energy audited to maximize efficiency. The product is scalable from smaller garden suites for home office or rental property to larger spaces suitable for recreational properties and larger living environments.

Exceed Solar is currently developing a smaller, secure, solar-powered backyard greenhouse that caters to the home growing market for cannabis.

Visionstate Corp has invested in Exceed Solar because they are a industry leading company in a brand new technology that facilitates a greater efficiency of resources and therefore a more sustainability world.


Their use of Solar energy also creates the freedom of these Sol Spaces to be located almost anywhere. Visionstate sees the potential for this company... not only in having a huge market to capitalize on currently, but it also sees the potential of capitalizing on the new emerging markets that are being created due to Cannabis. 

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Established in 2016, Freedom Cannabis Inc. is a private, seed-to-sale cannabis company currently in the application process with Health Canada to become a licensed producer.

They are completing the first phase of their growing operations of approximately 73,000 square feet in Acheson, Alberta and have assembled a local team of experts and experienced professionals to build one of the world’s leading cannabis companies.

The investment into Freedom Cannabis was made on the basis of synergies that exist between the businesses with respect to potential sensor development for monitoring production processes (so more Visionstate IoT opportunities) and then also the opportunities to leverage solar powered backyard greenhouses for the home growing market through Visionstate’s investment in Exceed Solar Inc.

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