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Visionstate Corp. Announces Enhancements to WANDA Smart Device

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Visionstate™ Corp. (TSX VENTURE:VIS) Visionstate (or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that exciting new enhancements have been added to its WANDA™ IoT smart touchscreen solution, an industrial-grade smart tablet that tracks cleaning, maintenance and supply utilization in high-traffic facilities including hospitals, airports, malls and office buildings. WANDA is elevating customer service at these facilities by providing real time, actionable data that empowers facility managers to identify and solve problems before they become complaints. These enhancements have been completed and are currently being rolled out to current customers: •    Addition of French language and bi-lingual display options. •    Traffic counters, using optical sensors that communicate with the WANDA unit and track customer traffic in and out of washrooms. •    Additional API support, enabling automated export of data and easier integration with other software suites. The traffic counter upgrade provides facility managers with robust metrics to help them understand peak traffic times and enable them to adjust scheduling and staffing for maximum efficiency. The API support enhancement clears the way for WANDA to exchange data with customers’ existing systems, making it easy for customers to obtain needed data. As software enhancements are made, they are automatically distributed to units everywhere across existing wi-fi connections. The new language option will automatically display in the WANDA dashboard, making it easy and seamless for facility managers and staff to access and activate these new enhancements for their customers. The WANDA development team has also announced their next planned enhancement: digital monitoring of inventory levels for supplies including paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap. Remote generic sensors will monitor usage of washroom supplies and provide notification when these items need to be replenished. Once development is complete, this enhancement will allow facility staff to monitor and track inventory remotely and ensure that facilities are replenished before inventory is depleted. Development will be completed later this year. In Spring 2018, Visionstate’s WANDA technology was on display in London at the Cleaning & Support Services (CSSA) Innovation Showcase, where it beat out some of the cleaning industry’s most advanced products to win the top prize, the 2018 Innovation Award. To learn more about WANDA IoT Smart Touchscreen technology, visit our website at www.visionstate.com.

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