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Visionstate Launches New Tech Feature in Wake of COVID-19

Edmonton, Alberta, September 10, 2020 - Visionstate Corp. (TSX-V: VIS) (“Visionstate” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce significant technology initiatives undertaken as a result of the continued threat posed by COVID-19. The new features enhance the Company’s current suite of products, branded under the name Wanda, which are designed to improve cleaning practices through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Leveraging Visionstate’s use of sensors, which deliver data to Wanda tablets mounted outside restrooms, the Company is developing software to measure occupancy levels in public facilities. With the new feature in place, Wanda, using people counting sensors, can display whether or not a defined area, such as restrooms, has met its maximum occupancy level or not.

“With social distancing becoming the norm, people are more aware of the crowd environment, and knowing whether a facility or area of a building has reached capacity is important to both them and public health in general,” explained Visionstate CEO John Putters.

The new occupancy feature seamlessly integrates with existing Wanda solutions, utilizing the tablet itself for the information display as well as 3D people counting sensors that track traffic in and out of defined areas. Patrons are then provided with messaging on the Wanda tablet to indicate whether or not it’s safe to proceed. 

“Visionstate is responding to what the market demands as it pertains to containing COVID-19,” Putters continued. “In the past six months the Company has responded by launching a mobile app to track cleaning compliance, and IoT buttons that can be deployed quickly for cleaning alerts, and require no existing infrastructure.”

For its mobile app, Visionstate developed custom forms that enable building operators to track compliance in their cleaning protocols. As protocols become more detailed, tracking anything from door knobs to meat slicers, antiquated paper-based methods of ensuring compliance will no longer work.

“The fact is, because you are dealing with people’s health and in some cases their lives, it’s extremely important to have a digital audit trail for cleaning compliance in case of a lawsuit, which is already happening,” Putters said. “Our technology is a very affordable solution in light of the alternative.”

Visionstate is also focussing on interaction with the Wanda screen itself. Although protected by an antimicrobial overlay, people are becoming more reluctant to interact with a touchscreen to provide feedback. Visionstate has responded by developing a feature that enables patrons to scan a code and provide feedback from their mobile phones.

Additionally, the Company is working on further integration with third party sensors to enhance its analytics platform. This positions Wanda as a hub of all smart data emanating from restrooms or other areas in public facilities.

“The potential for detailed analytics is significant,” Putters explained. “For example, if we are tracking foot traffic in and out of a restrooms, while at the same time measuring hand pumps with the soap dispenser, analytics can calculate the average number of people actually washing their hands. For facilities like hospitals, this is extremely important information.”  

  About Visionstate Corp.

Visionstate Corp. (TSX-V: VIS) is a growth-oriented company that invests in the research and development of promising new technology in the realm of the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, and sustainability. Through Visionstate Inc., it helps businesses improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and elevate customer satisfaction with its state-of-the-art devices that track and monitor guest activities and requests. The footprint of its WANDA™ smart device now extends to hospitals, airports, shopping centres and other public facilities across and beyond North America. Through building up a collection of synergistic technologies, Visionstate Corp. will continue to innovate, reduce environmental impact and transform consumer experiences.

Issued on behalf of the Board of Directors “John A. Putters” Visionstate Corp.

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